The History of The Pink Mafia


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Where did The Pink Mafia Start?

The Pink Mafia was founded in 2003 by Brooke Schultz, Alli Richard, Julie Golden and Melanie Richard - four female freeflyers from Gold Coast Skydivers of Moss Point, Mississippi. To learn more, check out this AWESOME video. The goal was to bond with other female skydivers from all disciplines to form an unstoppable support group in this male-dominated sport. The vision for this group is not unlike Sisters In Skydiving. In times of need, The Pink Mafia Sisters are here to support and encourage one another.

How did The Pink Mafia Grow?

Traveling around the country, Brooke, Alli and Mel began to form a network of members. Eventually, they realized the need for Delegates and appointed a select few senior female skydivers to initate new members. In addition to doing initiations, these Delegates are representatives of The Pink Mafia and act as mentors for women new to the sport.

Behind the Scenes...

Of course, someone had to take on the administrative work. In the beginning, Brooke and Alli manged the website, planned events, ordered t-shirts, stickers, etc. When Brooke and Alli stopped skydiving, they appointed National Freestyle Champion Merriah Eakins to carry on The Pink Mafia initations following the same traditions. In June of 2014, Merriah met Sarah Nuckols at a SIS event. Merriah saw Sarah's passion for supporting the women at her local DZ and recruited her to be a Pink Mafia Delegate and to take over the administrative tasks. With Merriah's input, Sarah created this website and got The Pink Mafia is back online!

What's New?

Since then, Sarah Nuckols has been spent hours trying to find existing delegates and recruiting other women interested in promoting the sisterhood. In the last three years, she's added over twenty delegates in 15 different states and our membership continues to grow.

What's next?

Our hope over the coming year is to continue to grow the sisterhood and bring our skydiving sisters together. With the generous donations of our sisters, we've been able to purchase bumper stickers, magnets, and pullup cords. If you have suggestions for The Pink Mafia Sisters, please don't be shy.  We'd love to hear from you!