ACTIVE Pink Mafia Delegates

Over the years, we've had more than 30 delegates. Below are the ACTIVE delegates. If you are a Pink Mafia Delegate and would like to be included on this page, please send an email to with your profile and a current photo. We look forward to hearing from you!

Elizabeth Young - PMS 877 - 2019 NEW DELEGATE

Elizabeth Young
DZ: West Tennessee Skydiving

Elizabeth Young, a third grade math and science teacher, did her first tandem in May 2013. Little did she know, after two more tandems, she would be hooked! In 2015, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Mesonephric Adenocarcinoma, a very rare aggressive, cancer. Determined to not let it keep her down, she continued running and skydiving, earning her coach rating later that year. Elizabeth is an advocate for the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and Sisters in Skydiving. In 2016, she organized West TN Skydiving’s first SIS boogie (all proceeds went to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer). Elizabeth continues to advocate and empower women. She is now an AFF-I, holds two TN state RW records, and has 1200+ skydives. Elizabeth is excited to share her love of skydiving and women’s empowerment through the Pink Mafia Sisters. 

Laura Bales - PMS 864 - 2019 NEW DELEGATE

Laura Bales
DZ: Skydive Monroe - Georgia

I have been the Customer Service Supervisor at ChutingStar since 2011. I did my first tandem in September of 2006 at Skydive the Farm. By January of the following year, I had my first rig. I have 500+ jumps, primarily belly.  I'm a big SIS and have my coaches rating. I love being at the dz, but with a daughter I don't get out as much I would like. I have the best job!  I get to help people from around  the world buy new gear and I head up the ChutingStar boogie tour. It doesn't matter if you have 25 jumps or 25,000, I can help you find the gear that's right for you. If you see me under our boogie tent, be sure to come by to say HI!! 

Chazi Blacksher - PMS 557

DZ: Skydive Arizona

Chazi primarily jumps & trains at Skydive Arizona.  She has logged somewhere around 3,000 jumps, has a coach rating and 9-to5s in telecom. Bev Suits, FireFly and Mirage sponsored, she currently lives in Chandler, AZ with hubby, Nick.  She has a few state records, FS and Vertical. She was a part of the 52-way Upright World Record 2014, Women’s Vertical World Record 63-way in 2013, 138-way general Vertical World Record 2012, enjoys running stupid distances and hot yoga. She’s excited to be a part of PMS and can't wait to bring the Barbie jump to the next SIS event!!!

Amy Milhorne - PMS 460

Amy Milhorne
DZ: Skydive Carolina - South Carolina

Amy’s first tandem was also her first time in an airplane!  It took a bit of time to work up the nerve for AFF, but in 2004 she signed up and never looked back.  She has 2300+ jumps, and had the privilege of being initiated by PMS #1 (Brooke) & #86 (Katie Blue).  She found her jumping groove by competing in artistic freefly for 5 years, and is now competing on a Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS) team.  She loves organizing beginner/intermediate freeflyers, and seeing someone’s gigantic smile as they get their first dock is one of her favorite things.    Aside from jumping, Amy’s favorite things include tunnel, her nieces, hiking with her pup, travels, all things sci-fi & grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Julie Kleinwort - PMS 815

Julie Kleinwort
DZ: Julie lives in Iowa, but she is a traveling gypsy! Who knows where she'll be next!

Julie loves to smile! Smiling is her favorite!! She considers herself a “Jack of most disciplines, master of none” and enjoys dabbling in almost everything in the sky. With a background in cheerleading, her bubbly personality and unusual flexibility lay a solid foundation to her true passion: Freestyle! Julie also dedicates a lot of time training and competing with her 4-way FS team. When she isn’t training, you can find her traveling the country jumping and/or organizing at as many events as possible, including several SIS boogies and women’s FS records. Julie can’t wait to start initiating more awesome and talented ladies to the Pink Mafia Sisterhood! <3


Molly Amos - PMS 706

Delegate Molly
DZ: Skydive Paraclete XP - North Carolina

In June of 2014, Molly did her first tandem and instantly fell in love with the sport. Shortly thereafter, she started AFF training at a small Cessna DZ in Jonesville, NC. These days, Molly calls Skydive Paraclete XP home and is fortunate to be at a drop zone with a strong female community. When Molly isn't jumping, she works as an accountant and is in school to become a CPA. Some day, Molly would like to be a tandem instructor and have an opportunity to follow the footsteps of her tandem mentor, Ashley.  With every jump, her love for skydiving grows and Molly is happy to be a mentor for women in our sport. When you see Molly, be sure to ask her about her roller derby knickname "Baby Pistol"! Yes...that says "ROLLER DERBY"!

Gem Hodges - PMS 812

Delegate Gem Hodges
DZ: Skydive Byron Bay - Australia

Hi, I'm Gem! Skydiving started for me after a few "Sky Jumps" (Las Vegas Stratosphere and Auckland Tower) and a Bungy Jump. Skydiving was the logical next step and despite a few bumps along the way, I've amassed 335 jumps in a year and 10 months in the sport. Day by day I’m an IT Project Manager and I thoroughly enjoy going full pelt at everything I do. I've also medalled at state and national level for 4 way FS and 2 way VFS (state), and I'm truly passionate about helping women and newer jumpers in the sport. I want to continue assisting on coach jumps and star crest days alongside team training to ensure our women feel capable and confident. I love the atmosphere bought to the dropzone when there is a large female presence and I truly believe that more women in the sport is good for everybody. I hope I get to meet you! 

Erica Dawson - PMS 756

DZ: Skydive Finger Lakes, Ovid NY

In 2009, one of Erica’s MBA students challenged her to get a skydiving license and she signed up right away. She spent two seasons in terror, but after bragging all over campus she couldn’t just quit. One day, Erica decided not to be afraid any longer. From that moment on, it was Game On! With an enthusiasm not necessarily matched by skill (yet), she now spends every day possible in the sky.  She draws on the lessons of the sport in her teaching as a professor at Cornell and obnoxiously works skydiving metaphors into just about every lecture . “Courage is a choice”; “Focus on the thing you want to land on, not the thing you want to avoid”; “Don’t waste time trying to fix what needs to be cut away”, etc. Erica is fortunate share the sky with a group of amazing women at Skydive Finger Lakes and is excited to play a part in expanding the Sisterhood!

Steph Libby - PMS 748

DZ: Mi-High Skydiving Center - Colorado

After a tandem skydive in July of 2009, Steph eagerly signed up for AFF training at a DZ in Pennsylvania. Steph has worked as a USPA coach and also spent time working manifest. She is always ready to help out wherever she can.  Her favorite discipline is angle tracking, though she will tell you that she loves to do all styles of jumps.  When Steph isn’t at the DZ, she works as a real-time closed captioner, putting live captions on national TV news and sporting events. Steph spends her leisure time with her husband Matt. They can be found flying in the tunnel, riding bikes, playing with their pups or skiing in the winter. If you get a chance to come to Mile Hi, be sure to find Steph and ask her to jump with you. She’ll be the one with a big smile! 

Jennifer Fisher - PMS 734

Jennifer Fisher
DZ: Skydive Kansas City - Missouri

Jennifer started skydiving in 2010 by doing a tandem during a local fundraiser. Jump one and she was hooked (much to the chagrin of her mother). Her 9 to 5 is at a hospital dealing with patient complaints so skydiving is definitely her happy place! Summertime sunset loads are her favorite. Jennifer is a packer, a UPSA Coach with plans to earn her AFF rating this season. Affectionately known as “Fishstix”, she’s also instrumental in marketing and event planning at the DZ. Her dream is that she and fellow PMS, Penny Fletcher, will someday own a farm with nothing but miniature animals!

Debbie Maline - PMS 678

DZ: Spaceland Houston - Texas

Hi, I'm Debbie! I made my first skydive in April 2013 and have a little more than 600 jumps and roughly 60 hours in the tunnel. My home DZ is Spaceland Houston (at the moment) but as a military spouse, I claim a new home DZ every 2-3 years. I'm passionate about 4-way FS and on an intermediate team called Spaceland Toxic Heveh, who is competing at Nationals in 2017. I am a USPA coach and love mentoring new jumpers! When I'm not training for 4-way, you can often find me at a tunnel getting freefly coaching! Can't wait to initiate more women to become a Pink Mafia Sister with me!

Sarah Nuckols - Delegate Coordinator - PMS 576

DZ: Skydive VSC / Skydive Orange - Virginia

Sarah started skydiving shortly before her 38th birthday when her kids were 5 & 12. In the fall of 2007, Sarah had the privilege of being initiated by PMS #4 Mel at a drop zone in Louisa, VA. Sarah is a Women's Formation State Record Holder in VA, FL, and NC a small group RW organizer, but first and foremost, she is an advocate of women in the sport. From jumps with newly licenced skydivers to SIS socks, Sarah does everything she can to encourage women in our sport. In June of 2016, Sarah and her husband (Matt) became the second American couple to finish skydiving in all 50 states! She's been to more than 60 drop zones and has over 1,100 jumps.

Luz Diaz - PMS 834

DEL Luz Diaz
DZ: Skydive The Ranch - New York

Hey ladies, I’m Luz! I did my first tandem in 2012 and got totally hooked. These days I spend my time giggling in the sky, dabbling in most disciplines and traveling all over the place both for work and to try to satiate my unending curiosity. I’m always looking to better myself as a skydiver and a human, and I do my best to encourage other women to do the same. I’m very involved with SiS at my dropzone and look forward to also promoting the pink mafia sisterhood!


Katie Blue - PMS 86

DZ: Katie doesn't have a "home" DZ! She travels all over the place!

Katie has been skydiving since 2002 and has served in the United States Army since 1998. On the weekends, she enjoys traveling across the U.S. attending boogies or just chilling on the local dropzone with friends. She is known for her contagious smile and positive energy. Katie bears a deep respect for the pioneers of the sport and likes to educate new jumpers on our rich history and tradition (so if you owe beer you better pay up!) Safety first - Katie is conservative in nature and constantly seeks out new learning opportunities - especially from her friends.

Jen Illingworth - PMS 436

DZ: Skydive San Marcos – Texas

Jen made her first (and only) tandem skydive in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia in 2002 and was instantly addicted to this exhilarating sport.  She began AFF the following year at Skydive Houston where she met two of the founding PMS members – Brooke & Alli.  Fast forward over the next few years and Jen spent several seasons as a 4 way team member, qualified as an AFFI, competed at USPA Nationals and jumped on several women only Texas State Records.   Jen’s freefall is now divided between RW and freeflying and when she’s on the ground she joins her husband Paul with the never ending tasks of being a DZO!  She is honored to be a Big SIS and hopes that she can inspire, encourage and mentor other female jumpers in the wonderful world that is skydiving!  

Nicole Perkins – PMS 666

DEL Nicole Perkins
DZ: Glidersports Skydiving - Clinton, MO

After an onstage lifestyle as a classical singer, musician and college educator, a 2007 tandem fueled Nicole’s adrenaline passion for skydiving.  Within 2 years, Nicole earned her Coach rating followed by her AFFI.  Over 2,300+ jumps later, she continues to spread the love and knowledge of the sport to anyone who will listen. Nicole’s love for RW led to 3 Female Formation State Records in Missouri and Tennessee.  When she’s not traveling or working in corporate hospital management, she can be found behind manifest, training students, helping out wherever needed, and enjoying the sport as a “family affair” with her husband Justice (an AFFI & Tandem Examiner) and her son, Liam.  As a delegate, Nicole hopes to encourage and mentor women in the sport to continue to learn, share the sky, and give back to the sport that has changed her life!

Jolene Dressel- PMS 674

DZ: Skydive Tennessee

As a gesture of support for a friend, Jolene took part in a skydiving “group activity” with Nashville Entrepreneur Organization. One jump wasn't enough! She returned to the DZ by herself to do 3 more tandems. Bit. Smitten. Addicted. Jolene earned her licensed in Nov. 2014, started competitive skydiving a year later, and competed in 8-way and 4-way at Nationals in 2015 and 2016, respectively - medalling in the 8-way Intermediate class.  She is a Women's FL sequential record holder for a 3 point 17-way. With over 700 jumps, Jolene is a member of the women's 4-way team Southern Mix and will be competing at Nationals in 2017. Jolene is a company owner/CEO (STRESSFUL!) and thrives on the outlet the sport provides. As she puts it: “ I love to escape the real world and gain long-term friendships with like-minded people.”

ShawnaRae Miliano - PMS 705

DZ: Triangle Skydiving Center - North Carolina

When I am not working as hospital ER nurse, I am the DZ Manager at Triangle Skydiving Center, the Administrator behind the Women’s Skydiving Leadership Network and the Team Manager for SDC Rhythm XP. I am exuberantly passionate about giving back to the sport and tirelessly driven to inspire others to pay-it-skyforward. I earned my A-license in the summer of 2014 and immediately launched the Big SiS program at TSC. I am a USPA coach, have LOTs of tunnel time, 350+ jumps, and I am a Mom to 2 rambunctiously happy kiddos. You’ll often catch me up at 2 AM answering emails, working on new projects for the WSLN & SDC Rhythm XP, or doing whatever I can do to build my TSC community. I am excited about being a Pink Mafia Sister Delegate and look forward to empowering YOU to being the best you can be! ♥ ShawnaRae 

Melissa Dame - PMS 716

DZ: Skydive The Ritz - Washington

Melissa is on the Board of Directors for Jump at Life, a non-profit that offers the opportunity for terminally ill young adults to experience the freedom of a tandem skydive and become a Sky Warrior. When she’s not working her 9-5 in utilities, she can normally be found at Skydive Phoenix training students, load organizing at Skydive Arizona, or traveling to experience a new drop zone. This summer, she can be found at Skydive The Ritz in Washington State. She is hoping to earn her Tandem Rating soon. Melissa is always excited to share her love for the sport.

Bre Reichle – PMS 746

DZ: Glidersports Skydiving, Clinton Missouri

When Bre isn’t running manifest, she can be found coaching students, loading/fueling the plane, or closing the books at the end of the day. Regardless of what needs to be done to support her drop zone, Bre is up for the challenge. A former member of iFly’s Kansas City management team, Bre is currently the only woman in the local area to have earned the IBA Head Down check off.  Bre is passionate about promoting skydiving for everyone and a culture of teamwork and fairness. She encourages all disciplines of skydiving, but freeflying is her first love! In hopes of one day becoming a delegate, Bre was initiated by Chazi in 2016. Bre has a gumptious desire to help grow the number of women in skydiving through the PMS movement.

Melissa Allen - PMS 795

DEL Melissa
DZ: Skydive West Plains - Washington

My first time in an airplane I took the plunge doing a tandem skydive. I got my A licence in September of 2016, didn't jump all winter, after that I decided I would not spend another winter where I could not jump. Now I spend my summers in Washington helping run a drop zone and winters down south traveling and hiking with my partner in crime. I currently have 270 jumps, and a coach rating. I thoroughly enjoy teaching students to become better skydivers. I am stoked to get other ladies excited about the sport and show them how to have fun with Barbies in the big blue sky! 


Audrey Snyder - PMS 806

DEL Audrey Snyder.jpg
DZ: Skydive Alabama/ Florida Skydiving Center-Lake Wales

In the Summer of 2015, Audrey was spending the summer in Florida with her grandmother when she stumbled across the sport and fell deeply in love. She started her journey on the packing mat saving every penny she could for jumping. Audrey has a USPA Coach Rating and recently earned her C license. In addition to coaching, Audrey plans to flying video for her dropzone this summer. She will be their 1st female videographer in 8 years! "There's nothing like that first big smile once they got their first dock, I mean the excitement is contagious". "I learn just as much from my students as they do from me". Audrey is studying to be an environmental engineer and full time food connoisseur. In her free time, you can catch her buried under a pile of books, hiking up a mountain or cuddling her precious Siamese cat, Haku. 

Jo McLachlan - PMS 832

DEL JO McLachlan.jpg
DZ: Skydive Sebastian & Skydive Spaceland Clewiston

Jo first started jumping in 2008 as most begin in the sport, with a tandem. She only planned to do that one jump and “check it off the checklist” but was instantly obsessed. Immediately after that first skydive, she signed up for AFF and tried to spend as much time as possible at the dropzone. In the past 10 years, she’s completed over 1500 skydives, earned a USPA AFF rating, tandem rating (since retired) and multiple state records. The more time Jo spent in the sport, the more she realized there was such a huge lack of women being represented. Since then, she has made it her mission to encourage, engage and inspire fellow female skydivers. Jo's secondary passion is costuming and this passion is exponential when combined with skydiving! Got a great idea for a themed boogie or skydive? Let her know! 



Laurie Farrell - PMS 861

Laurie Farrell
DZ: Skydive Carolina - South Carolina

I made my first tandem in 2008 and completed my A license in 2009. I have 1400+ jumps, 9 hours vertical tunnel and 3 hours wingsuit tunnel.  I am a record holder, participating in the SC female head up state record, NC wingsuit state record and AZ state/National record for most points by an all-female MFS team during Nationals. In my time away from the DZ I enjoy spending time with my goats & pups, as well as wakeboarding and yoga.